What is your “Red Dress”?


This is what I’m on about for the past two days.  I’m working on some thoughts about the red dress thing.  Physically, I can provide dresses. They aren’t the greatest ever, but they are what I can donate to the cause.  What if that isn’t all I can donate?

What if each community could provide a Red Dress Place?  Not a “foundation”.  A foundation implies paperwork and money and a bunch of frownie face individuals who have to approve where the red dresses go, but a few people who can manage the sizes.  Here’s the thing…a red dress doesn’t have to be a red dress.  Read this for details:


I know people who have “red dresses”.  One of them has wind-up toys, one has antique books, one has cars, one has a massive collection of yarn.

One thought I had was a collection of girly flowery dresses for young girls for pediatric patients. How cool would it be to supply enough dresses to provide a princess tea party in pediatric ward?

So, what’s your “red dress”?  What do you need to that is flamboyant, dynamic or magical?  What do you have that could be magical to somebody else that you can pass on?


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  1. I actually have a red dress that I wore on my 30th birthday when my boyfriend took me to see my favorite Broadway show of all time The Phantom of the Opera. It’s a vintage Marilyn Monroe-esque dress that I feel fabulous and sexy in (makes my boobs look AWESOME too).

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