The course of true love gathers no moss.



I was thinking a lot lately about the guy in my life, and while it’s not surprising that I was thinking a lot about him, I think that the way I think about him surprises me.  (This will become clear, I swear.)

Not to terribly long ago, we were at a party and he was introduced as my “better half” and I find this to be remarkably apt.  He’s on top of everything.  I’ve never met anyone more together than he is in my entire life, which, for those of you reading this who know me will understand how alien this concept is to me.  He always knows where he left his car keys!  In every single way, we’re complete opposites. I got within two semesters of completing a degree, he has a master’s degree.  I have jobs, he has a career.  I have a pick-up truck that I say Hail Marys over before starting it, he has …well..let’s just not even go there.  You can set your watch by him, too.  He is always exactly on time.  I’m not saying that I’m all bad, I’m just saying that he has a grasp on things that I haven’t begun to conquer yet.

We are often a good contrast in that technology hates him, and I wrangle up apps on my smartphone that make him blink at me.  He tends to be very classic in his tastes while I’m digging up old lamps out of a resale shop, yelling, “This’ll be awesome once we paint it green!”  His general comment when we eat is that the food is either good or bad, and I’m giving a ten minute dissertation on how the cilantro mixes well with the lime juice and binds the avocado to make the perfect guacamole.

I say all this to say that he’s accepting of what I see as my shortcomings.  We’ve both been sick, he was sicker than I was, but we decided to bike to an event with a path of four miles one way.  On the way, I was wheezing, dying, and unable to figure out what gear on my eighteen gear bike was going to be the one to get me up a STEEP INCLINE (read: tiny, rolling grade), so I jumped off and started pushing instead.  He stayed right with me, though he could literally ride circles around me, as I was moving like a bloated, diseased bovine (I was really just trying to dodge all those black spots I was seeing).  I looked at him and said, “You know, *cough cough* you’re eventually going to have to just go.  I’m like a wounded gazelle, and eventually, you’re just going to have to let the lions *whhhheeeeze* get me.” (None of this is made up. I’m prone to hyperbole, but this is EXACTLY how it happened.)  He just gave me a half-mouth grin and said, “Look, top of the hill.”

There’s no way of knowing if two people are going to be together forever, but I think we’re doing pretty well at making the best of the things we have going.  He looks for things for me to take pictures of, I take pictures of things he’d like to see if he isn’t there.  Between the two of us, we have *some* knowledge of most things, and we probably have a book about it somewhere.  I’ll never win any awards for my biking, and he’ll never cook a seven course meal…I think we pretty well come out about even, and that was all I really wanted anyway.



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  1. Paula Abdul once sang “Opposites Attract” and its true. Sometimes couples who are too much a like can get too comfy. Having those differences in life and relationships makes you strive to get to know one another. It sounds like you have a good thing going.

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