How I Lost a Sixth Grader.


Nope, totally not pregnant in that picture.  Maybe that would have been a good excuse. ANYWAY!

So that was May 2010 and I had already lost quite a bit of weight at that point.  I started out at 220 pounds in December 2009.  There were a number of things that added to both the weight gain and weight loss, so let’s just skip that whole thing.

I’m now at 162 pounds, and there is no really good picture of me to show the difference, but it’s something you can judge by my chipmunk cheeks.

I don’t bring this up for many reasons, just one.  Just this.  We’re starting the Fit Foodie Challenge, and maybe I should have put this over on my food blog, but nobody wants to see pictures of me in with their recipes, so no.  I’m not happy with being 160-give or take five pounds, and I know I could eat better, so I’m participating whole-heartedly.  I want to encourage anybody…everybody…else to join this, even if you don’t live in Chattanooga.  Get your friends started and we’ll make this nationwide or international.

Just a few things, though. Eat fresh or frozen vegetables. If I find out you’re eating canned vegetables, I’m coming to your house.  Two, get outside.  Walk.  Take somebody with  you so you can talk and experience things with other people.  If you can’t go with somebody, take a camera. You’ll find that you want to get out more if you have a reason to go.  If you have a dog, take the dog, I know mine could stand to lose a few pounds.  (He’s glaring at me right now like he knows I just called him fat.)  If you don’t have a dog, go get a dog!



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  1. Let’s DO THIS!!!! I ain’t telling you people who much I weigh, but let’s say that I’ve 9.5 pounds by just watching what I eat (and not just watching it go into my mouth!) I am keeping this up. And adding the outside piece. Not making any promises about no canned veggies, but I’ll try. How’s that?

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