I’m with The Band, Part 2



My first posting with my name on it came out today, and I feel good about it.  I’ve passed it around and I’ve been met with a lot of support from a few people that I’m close to, but no comments on facebook.  I know it’s hard to deal with, and it’s weird for other people to have to deal with what they feel like are your issues.


I don’t require comments.  I just really hope that it helps someone gets something useful out of it.


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  1. I cannot imagine what it is to live with even one debilitating condition. This week I haven’t been able to exercise due to a strained back muscle and have been absurdly teary, unbearable, and ashamed (of being so freaking pathetic). At the same time I’ve been pondering your situation (and those of a few others), and realizing how lucky I am. How can someone like me even begin to understand what a single day in your body must feel?

    You are impressive. Amazing. Knowing these things about you makes me feel unworthy to ever offer you advice about anything (except possibly grammar, though that’s iffy, too).

    • Oh my goodness, Dava. You made me teary-eyed.

      I don’t ever want anybody to feel bad for me, but I’m hoping that the way I deal with things gives somebody else the strength to not give up too. It’s a fight, but I keep telling myself that it’s a fight worth winning. I know so many people that are struggling with similar things, and I just don’t want them to throw up their hands and give up.

      It is good for people to know what’s going on when I wave my hands around in my strange fashion because my wrists are stuck again, though! 🙂

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