Pictures of people.


I love taking pictures.

People have often suggested that I take pictures of them, or other people they know. It’s the same thing as taking pictures of buildings and other things, right?

No. It’s not the same. I realized why I have issues with it though. When I was a kid, I heard how some religions feel that having pictures made took your soul, and while I don’t believe that, it made me realize that there was something intimate about taking a picture of someone. Something that made you, for a moment, closer to that person than you would normally be.

Therein lies my problem. I normally have a three foot square area of personal space that I don’t let just anybody into, especially if I don’t know them. Even if I do know them, I feel like I’m invading people and their space. I feel horribly uncomfortable when I’m taking a picture of someone.

I have no idea what this says about me, but I think I’ll stick to inanimate objects or masses of people who can’t be identified.


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