Tourist season is here again.


Yep. It’s that time of year again. That time when I get confused because people don’t appear to know where they’re going, have funky accents, and they all seem to have a litter of children. I do the puppy head-tilt at them for a moment, then realize…they ain’t from around here, are they?  This happened today when I wandered out for a pizza only to find Mellow Mushroom packed to the brim at 5:00 and people taking pictures of their kids with the big…Mellow…guy.   After that, I stopped by the Ben & Jerry’s to find the line around the inside of the store. I took my ice cream and my Kindle under one of the bridges at the aquarium, and then I heard a wave of children yelling, “THERE’S A BEN & JERRY’S OVER THERE!”  That’s when I realized that it was the beginning of vacation time.









So, tour on, Chattanooga tourists.  I won’t be too hard on you unless you wander out in traffic on Fourth Street.


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