Hate: It’s the American Way.


In thinking over the events of the last couple of years in this country, it’s no wonder we don’t treat each other any better than we do. Bullying and hate have become the solid American way to deal with everything. Movies show it, television shows do it all the time, but most importantly, and probably the most disturbing, that’s how our politicians deal with things.

This being an election year, the proof of this is especially rampant. Lord knows I could sift through the internet and find all kinds of examples of it, but as I’m not really in that bad of a mood and I don’t really have the money to leave the country the way it would inspire me to, I’ll let you guys find them on your own. You’re welcome to report back here with any examples that strike you.

Think of just the GOP at this point. The debates have been a series of both strategical and off the cuff attacks, not just political attacks, but personal attacks. They’ve stopped just short of, “You’re ugly and your momma dresses you funny.” I’m sure, as Americans, we’re supposed to be used to this, but consider it for a moment. These people are on the same side! They’re not diametrically opposed in views, but as only one can be the victor, they’ve launched into some sort of geriatric Hunger Games of words that we all have to watch because we have to be scared into action by voting. Sadly enough, the similarities to The Hunger Games doesn’t end there, only in a different twist, we don’t want the one who is going to win to do it, not because they’re all innocent children and should live, but because we’ve been left with the decision of who is the lesser of the evils. I don’t know a single person who actually wants anybody who is running for President to win.

As responsible citizens, parents are supposed to teach their children about politics and how elections work, so one would assume that there are some children out there watching the debates and how this is all going down. I bet they’re so confused right now. They’re all being told right now about how bad bullying is and how you shouldn’t bully anybody, that is…unless you’re running for President and then all bets are off. The political parties encourage hating your opponents and telling them just how wrong they are! The current candidates don’t encourage diversity, but uniformity, and if you don’t like how we deal with it, you can pack up and leave! I’ve heard this far too much this election year. “If you don’t like how our government is run, you can pack up and leave!” Remarkably that’s one of the statements that caused the country to come into being. “In order to form a more perfect union”, we’re going to have our politicians stand up on television and put down citizens, each other, and anybody else who they don’t agree with.

So. I don’t agree with it. Where’s the door, again? I want out.


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