Mainstream Media Bullying


So, I don’t watch much television. Top Gear (the British version), The Closer, and some Britcoms mostly.  I do watch the news when I don’t think it will inspire me to throw a chair through the television, so…mostly when I don’t know what’s happened during the day, I guess.  It’s during that time when I see the commercials for Entertainment Tonight.  The commercial tonight bothered me. Badly.  “Blah blah blah…how much does Jessica Simpson weigh! We get a doctor’s opinion!”  Wait. Seriously?

This is the same television show that would dramatize a normal teenager’s death if they were bullied. The same show that talks about the tragic death from anorexia of some star. The same show that talks about how sad it is that Whitney Houston didn’t get the help she needed to overcome her fatal drug addiction.

I’m going to keep this short, because…after all…I did *just* blog about bullying two days ago, but more and more this is catching my attention. I understand that by becoming a celebrity, they’ve put themselves in the position to be fodder for tabloid television, etc., but it’s time that people are responsible for what they say. Celebrities are people, with troubles, families, and feelings. Bullying for ratings is unfair and a bad example.

As proof, I leave you with two words: Karen Carpenter.


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