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Labor Day in Chattanooga.


I haven’t posted anything in such a long time, and as I am doing nothing today, I thought I’d take some time to post about all the things we could have in Chattanooga so that more people may labor.

For anyone who doesn’t know by this time, my dearly beloved boyfriend and I spent ten days in the United Kingdom and that highlighted some of the things that I’ve felt the Tennessee Valley is lacking.  Some of the things will come from that, some will come from my brain. Be afraid.


1. A South African restaurant – Yep. I went to that one. It’s in Bangor, N. Ireland and typical of the area, it was BYOB. It was creatively decorated and the food was awesome. It wasn’t complicated. While we’re on the subject, we could use a Nando’s. The boyfriend said the tagline for Nando’s should be “Sauce and Stuff to Dip in it.”  If you’re unfamiliar with them, as we were, here’s your link.


2. An Italian pizza place – I got pizza in Paris.  Yes, pizza.  It was a four cheese pizza, and it was the most wonderful thing ever. The four cheeses were not cheddar, mozzarella, Parmesan, and Romano. It was mozzarella, Parmesan, goat cheese, and Gorgonzola. I can make it, but it’d be so much more handy if I could just go out and order that.

3. A pasterie – Not one up on the top of a hill with little to no parking that’s full of tourists or hipsters. I like it fine, I guess, I just think that one that you could get to and afford might be nice. Throw in a bookstore for funsies.



4. My old standby – a poutine place. – You could make a whole place devoted to variations of fries and gravy, throw in some soft drinks and beer. Have a deck, please.


5. A movie house – Lest you think I’m stuck on food, which I generally am, a place where you can go watch old movies..maybe eat..would be lovely.  Not something glossy and shiny and all obviously state-of-the art. Something that reminds you of stepping back in time. 


6. A “How it was in the day” museum – The new Titanic museum was slightly Disney-like, but it was really nice in that they had actual rooms set up. They had a whole exhibit on the supplies that were used on the Titanic. You could touch samples of the fabric, rope, wood trim, etc. (This is in Belfast, by the way.) I know we don’t have a Titanic, but we have a train station that could use some historying up. Really sad that all we have is a model train. Really sad.  “Come see the Chattanooga Choo-choo! Yeah…you can’t actually ride a we have no train history…BUT YOU CAN HAVE PIZZA ON THE TRAIN! No…it doesn’t have Gorgonzola..”

You’re letting the world down, Chattanooga.