Dreams in a “Haunted House” and other weirdness.


So, earlier I told you all that I don’t believe in ghosts even though my house was haunted…or something.  It started off mild enough, but as if the pictures shooting off the wall and the phantom footsteps weren’t enough, other weird things started happening around the house.  I learned one thing, though.  It doesn’t have to be at night to completely creep you out.

During one brilliantly sunny fall day, I was sitting at my dining room table, going through some decorating magazines and pondering colors to paint, when my cat..black cat I might add…shot straight up from a dead sleep in the living room and came creeping sideways across the foyer toward me.  Her ears were flat back on her head, her fur was standing up all over, and she was making the most horrific noise I’ve ever heard out of a cat.  I’ve had cats my whole life, and I’d never seen this kind of behavior out of a cat, so I ran to her to make sure she was ok.  She seemed to be.  I mean..I guess she was.  She wouldn’t look my direction when I spoke to her, she wouldn’t look away from one spot in the dining room, and she wasn’t backing down.  All of a sudden, she flipped her tail and fell down in the floor to start licking her leg. I still have that cat and I’ve never seen her act that way since.

I do have to admit, though, that the later in the day things happened, the creepier it got.  One night while watching television, I saw a shadow of a person go across the living room wall.  We’d had a real problem with break-ins in the neighborhood, and I was really disturbed that somebody was walking around in our front yard.  My ex and I got up and started checking things out, and he went out in the yard…I went to get the baseball bat.  I came back and walked over to the window to see if he was still in the yard, and then turned to take him the bat.  On the wall behind me were two shadows. One of my ex-husband’s head, because that was the only part of his shadow making it in the window, and my full shadow at the same height of the shadow we saw on the wall.  It still gives me cold chills to think that the shadow could have only been made from inside the room, and behind the chair I was sitting in.

I’ve had horrible dreams since I was a child, so normal bad dreams don’t shake me too much.  During the time in the house, I had several repeating bad dreams that I haven’t had since.  One of the dreams never started the same way, but it always ended with the ghost of an angry woman trying to strangle me in my sleep.  I would always wake up in the weirdest position in the bed, with my head all the way against the headboard, and I’d be choking and gasping for air.  My theory at the time was that I had sleep apnea that had gotten worse, but when I moved to my apartment, those dreams stopped abruptly.

Another dream I had on a regular basis, often with physical symptoms, was that a little girl was standing beside the bed.  She had a bright yellow glow, and that’s what I remember being physical.  I remember waking up and seeing that glow several times, but not being able to wake up enough to really see details.  She would stand beside the bed, begging me to wake up and telling me that her bones were beneath the floorboards of the closet.  After a few weeks of having this dream, I really considered pulling up the floorboards, but logically, it didn’t make sense.  The floor in the closet was exactly the same as the bedroom.  Those dreams stopped when I moved too.  I still can’t figure out what could have caused such a bright yellow glow in the middle of the night.


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  1. I know this may sound wierd, but I believe my sister may live in your old house you keep describing. They moved in several years ago but it wasn’t until my 2 year old nice started talking about a “ghost” and a “witch” when her television came on by itself that they started to get worried. I would love to talk to you and find out what you know and can remember. amwshorter@hotmail.com

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